Three soldiers killed in Cameroon


Three Cameroonian soldiers have been killed, allegedly by separatists, in the English speaking part of the country over the weekend.

The attack took place in the small north western town of Batibo, 20km from Bamenda, the capital of the North West province, on Sunday.

A district official by the name of Namata Diteng is also reported to have been taken by gunmen. His car was later found burnt out. Mr Diteng is still missing.

Sunday was the anniversary of the 1961 referendum which resulted in the creation of a federation joining English and French-speaking provinces of Cameroon.

In 1966, the government proclaimed it National Youth Day.

This weekend’s incidents came amid heightened security and a night curfew prompted by threats of attacks by secessionists.

North-west and south-west Cameroon, the two English-speaking provinces of the country, have been shaken by over a year of unrest that has gradually turned into an armed conflict.

After months of demonstrations, last October, the separatists of West Cameroon declared independence under the country name ‘Ambazonia’.

The government reacted by sending in troops and cracking down on protests.

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