Beverly Afaglo blasts local publishers


Actress Beverly Afaglo Baah says she is disappointed in local book publishers who use photos of foreign stars on the covers of exercise books for Ghanaian school children.

She said it is a bad practice which needs to be checked by the appropriate authorities.

According to her, it doesn’t inspire the school children to believe in their own as the future leaders.

She expressed sadness after recently buying exercise books for her kids which had cover pictures of Kumkum Bhagya stars from Indian.

“So I went to buy some books for my daughter and I get home, going through the books and I see this on some of the books and I’m just pissed at the same time amazed…wow Ghana, when are we ever going to appreciate and celebrate our own?

Or we don’t have celebrities or legends here whose pictures can be printed on these books or even the publishers are dumb to think that these faces will sell the books?”she queried.

The actress continued, “School books are like medicine, it is a need so you will buy whether forest or castle pictures is printed on it. Dear publisher, we have great actors and other celebrities/legends here in Ghana who can be celebrated and also introduced to these kids so our history doesn’t die.”

She also added, “Celebrities work so hard and when they are no more, their names and faces go away with them just because we don’t have many writers in Ghana so our history dies quickly. Showbizness also makes history that should be on record. Appreciate the ART…thank you.”


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